Deca-Mail is one of the most high-quality Online Large File Transfering Services in Japan - It is secure, easy, and convenient.

Three Big Features of Deca-Mail

• Securely Block Viruses
• Automatic Compression Format Converter (SIT to ZIP).
• Large File Storage

Of course, Basic functions are perfect!

• You can send your files upto to 11 addresses at the maximum. (including CC, BCC)
• You can see your uploading status on your control panel.
• NO special software or knowledge needed! Easy to Use!
• Address Book
• Send your messages with a password to ensure maximum security.
• Message Template
• Real-time Email Notification
• Verisign 128Bit SSL

You can use all of these features within a charge of our basic plan.

Deca-Mail automatically scans every file for the virus check while sending and downloading. Because of our Virus Block system,you can avoid sending files with virus and prevent any infections and breaches. Please Note: On accounts in different time zones for updating virus definition, user's compression method and encryption type, we cannot guarantee that our virus block will work perfectly. Please read our Sender Information and File Description carefully before downloading.

You need to be careful about a file format when you want to send compressed file to different Operation System. ZIP and LZH are the most popular compression format on Windows, however, Macintosh users may use the SIT format.

There are very few Windows users who have unarchive software downloaded, which is able to extract original files from SIT format, the recipient has to find the unarchive software or say "Please send it again with Zip format." to you.
This is a waste of time for both you and your client.

This is where Deca-Mail can be utilized and cut-down on the time-loss. The "Automatic Compression Format Converter" which is able to automatically convert a file format SIT to ZIP, freeing you of these problems to convert manually.

Please Note: Because Macintosh and Windows have a different file naming rule, we cannot guarantee that this function works correctly if our system can't solve it.

Usually when people want to send large files with online file transfering services, they were charged a certain fee. However, Deca-Mail takes a different approach ? Deca-mail does NOT charge any fee for this!
Also, you can make "Large File Storage" which is a receiving file box from others on the control panel.

• Example 1 - Deca-Mail with the contact form on a corporate website

When you have received data from your clients, you will get an email notification about it. Also, as the sender will receive email notification when you have checked the file, Deca-Mail makes secure and reliable data transfer possible.
Of course, everyone can use all Deca-Mail functions - Encryption with SSL, Virus Check, and Automatic Compression Format Converter.

• Example 2 - Email Signature

Dear XX

This email is from

Thank you for using our service.

Online Large File Transfer Service

The form for sending large files to us (Max:500MB)

• Case - Deca-Mail user
DESIGNCONVENI is doing digital designing and printing business in Kyoto and Tokyo.
They use Deca-Mail for receiving large files such as advertisement manuscripts from their clients.

They said:
If you get an email like below, how do you reply?

"I'll use a motorbike messenger service to send you a data tomorrow because my file size is huge."
If you have been a Deca-Mail user, just only say:

"We are using a very nice online file transfer service. Please send from it. The URL is ...
You don't have to lose any money."

Easy to Use

You don't have to install any software and devise to use Deca-Mail. Everyone can send and receive files with our online control panel on the browser.

Message with a password

You can add password authentication for the file downloading. Because of this function, only specific users are able to download your files. To use password authentication, you should tell the password to the recipient beforehand.

Address Book

Address Book helps that you manage your clients' addresses easily. You can add addresses that are frequently used.

Message Template

Message Template avoid you to typing same massages again and again. You can make your unique message template.

Real-time Email Notification

You can receive an email notification when the recipient has downloaded the files that you sent. In addition, you can check downloading status on your sending history.


Deca-Mail is a fully reliable service because we use Verisign 128bit SSL for all data transaction.

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